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September 21, 2011
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Insanus Abe vs. Karitoho-Iron. These two are Planet Insania's most vicious, cold-blooded killers imaginable. Both are evil clones from alternate dimensions, but both are extremely blood-thirsty.

First up, Insanus Abe. He's the clone of Planet Insania member, Madness Abe. He's basically a mash-up of all evil clone cliches—he's made from the alternate version of Mad Abe's twin brother and is completely bonkers. He brings THESE weapons to the match...

The spatha...
The Desert Eagle pistol...
AK-47 assault rifle...
And the bayonet

On the other hand, you have Karitoho-Iron. He's the clone of movie critic, Tohokari-Steel. He was created by an alternate version of SaireNaoriva to kill Steel. He was released from his home dimension and began on a quest to kill all other versions of Steel. HE brings to the fight...

The katana...
The steel crossbow...
M-60 chain gun...
And the switchblade knife

In short-range weapons, we compare Abe's Spatha to Iron's katana. Both of them are good weapons, but there's one problem—the katana is a slashing weapon. The spatha can be a slashing weapon, but is also a thrusting weapon. Stab wounds can be a LOT more damage than a slash wound. Since it has more options, my edge goes to the spatha.

Edge: Insanus Abe

Now, for medium-range weapons. It's a battle of present vs. past. We have Insanus Abe's Desert Eagle against Iron's Steel Crossbow. Both are extremely accurate at a long range, though the Desert Eagle has more rounds and reloads quicker, but the steel crossbow has considerably less recoil (there IS a reason why no established military force has used it before). I have to call tie on it.

Edge: Draw

In the area of long-range weapons, we have Iron's M-60 machine gun against Abe's AK-47 assault rifle. The AK may be more reliable, but comparing it to the M-60 is like comparing a revolver with a hunting rifle. Edge, obviously, to M-60.

Edge: Karitoho-Iron

Finally, special weapons. Abe's bayonet vs. Iron's switchblade knife. The switchblade is concealable and is a lethal stabbing weapon, but the bayonet is much more flexible. It can turn a gun to a spear or just be used as a close-up knife.

Edge: Insanus Abe

Onto the X-Factors. When it comes to mental health, Iron dominates this one. He's homicidal, but Insanus Abe is FAR beyond mentally sound. Iron gets the edge in this X-Factor.

For brutality, Iron packs all these weapons for torture and killing. But with Insanus Abe, the more torture he gives, the better. He can be BRUTAL to anyone he's up against. Edge to Abe in brutality.

Next up is pain resistance. Insanus Abe can take MASSIVE trauma and not notice his wounds until after the fight's done. Iron, he might ignore them for a short bit, but he can't block out pain. Edge to Abe in pain resistance.

Then, we have combat experience. Both of these guys come form worlds of constant warfare. These two are excellent fighters after their near-constant combat. They tie in this area.

Finally, we have tactics. Insanus Abe doesn't take time to strategize. He just does what he feels like. Iron, during his first attack on Steel, took MONTHS to come up with a plan to bring Steel down. They all failed, but they almost worked because he knew his enemy's mindset. In tactics, Iron gets the edge.

Now, to go through a thousand battles and see which of Planet Insania's evil clones is deadlier. This is solely based on my opinion.


A Hispanic man with black hair, a gray shirt, blue sweater, green shorts, and a large grin on his face pulled the strap of an AK-47 over his shoulder before walking out into a forest. He was Insanus Abe. Not far away, a man with coarse, black hair, red eyes, a blue shirt with various DC heroes on it, black jeans, and glasses kept a firm grip on an M-60 machine gun. The two then entered a clearing before freezing in place. He was Karitoho-Iron.

Iron raised his machine gun and immediately opened-fire. Abe ran out of the way of the bullets before firing with his AK. Iron ran out of the way before firing his machine gun again.


The gun jammed. Iron cursed under his breath as he tossed it at Insanus Abe, who jumped over it and pulled the trigger of his AK-47.

Another CLICK.

It was out of rounds. Abe slung it over his shoulders before pulling out his Desert Eagle. Iron took off into the forest as Abe fired a round from it, but missed. Abe laughed before hosltering the pistol. He pulled his AK off his back and attached the bayonet. He walked through the forest, looking for his opponent.

What he didn't see was Iron in the trees with his steel crossbow in hand. He pulled the tickler and fired a bolt right at Abe's leg. Abe immediately wheeled around and pulled out his Desert Eagle again before firing another round. Iron rolled out of the tree and pulled out his switchblade knife and katana. Abe brought the AK's bayonet slashing through Iron's leg. He snarled before bringing his katana down on the bayonet, breaking through the blade. He slashed out with his knife, cutting through Abe's cheek.

Abe hit Iron with his AK before punching him down. He then reached to his leg and pulled the bolt free. He tossed the projectile aside before pulling out his Spatha sword. Iron got to his feet before throwing his switchblade at Abe, who knocked the knife out of the air with his sword. He smirked as he and Iron charged at each other before bringing their swords in a slashing motion.

The two stood in place for a few seconds. Suddenly, blood spurted out of Iron's chest as he fell to his knees. Abe brought his sword to Iron's neck and plunged it through, severing the spinal column as well as throat. Iron fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood.

"Beautiful." Insanus Abe said with a smirk.

Winner: Insanus Abe

Out of a thousand battles, Insanus Abe won five hundred and fifteen times compared to Iron's four hundred and eighty-five. Insanus Abe brought more advanced and flexible weapons to the game. That being said, Iron still had the best weapon, the M-60. But Abe's weapons were more versatile and advanced, so Iron didn't really have a chance.

Insanus Abe:
Spatha: 50
Desert Eagle: 170
AK-47: 250
Bayonet: 45
Kills: 515

Katana: 47
Steel Crossbow: 100
M-60: 296
Switchblade: 42
Kills: 485

While Iron dominated the X-Factors with his better mental health and strategy, Abe's edges in pain resistance and brutality out-did Iron when push came to shove.

Mental Health:
Insanus Abe: 25
Karitoho-Iron: 75

Insanus Abe: 60
Karitoho-Iron: 40

Pain Resistance:
Insanus Abe: 78
Karitoho-Iron: 22

Battle Experience:
Insanus Abe: 50
Karitoho-Iron: 50

Insanus Abe: 20
Karitoho-Iron: 80

It was a battle of evil clones, but the more insane you are, the more brutal you get. Add that with more advanced weaponry, and you are the Deadliest warrior.
This was a request match from my friend, Madness Abe. His insane, evil clone Insanus Abe, vs. my critic's evil clone, Karitoho-Iron. I hope I did his character justice.

Next match: The Terminator vs. Agent Smith (The unstoppable killing machine from the future vs. the cold-blooded computer program with assimilation abilities)
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YoungSamurai18 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Would you mind if I borrow Iron?
Tohokari-Steel Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013
No, I don't mind at all.
MadnessAbe Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
EPIC MAN! At first, I thought if you made Iron win, it'd be biased, but if Insanus won, it'd be flattery. But you made this pretty good fair and square, man! So far, Insanus is taking his victory well...

Insanus Abe pops in, wearing a moose mask, a stetson hat, and a T-shirt reading "I'm with Stupid" (arrow pointing up). He takes out a pair of revolvers and randomly shoots in the air, while dancing.


.....Yeah. He's like that. I'm pretty scared now that Iron's not pleased...
Tohokari-Steel Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
Iron: Shut up or I'll cut you. (pulls out switchblade)

Yeah, I think he should stop rubbing it in.
MadnessAbe Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Insanus: Bring it on man! BRING IT FRIGGIN ON, SPIKY HEAD!

(pulls out a chainsaw and a spatha, laughs like a maniac, and foams at the mouth)

....Great. I'll go get the tranq gun now...and some tasers....and maybe Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Dr. Insano to hopefully sedate him...

Also, I want to say that this is his voice actor: [link]

His voice is just more.....Mark Hamill Jokerish if you get my drift.
Dimension-Dino Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
AGAIN with the "it's curved, it can only slash" talk? You've SEEN the katana slash AND stab firsthand. The katana is longer than the spatha and is made of stronger stuff. Yes, the spatha is made of steel, but the katana is made of folded, Japanese steel.

So, yeah, you made a boo-boo here.

Also, would it be possible for ME to do Captain America vs. King Bradley? I think I could make a fun episode out of that.
Tohokari-Steel Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
Permission granted, Mr. McNitpick.
SaireNaoriva Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
Lemme tell ya a lil' somthin'.
I sketched out a pic of Iron with Mecha a while ago, and that avatar in the banner looks quite similar to what I drew.
So unless you want to be extensively tested by the government, you'll tell me next week's lotto numbers, ya hear?
Tohokari-Steel Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
Uh...okay. I haven't written the match out yet or anything like (nervous chuckle)...

SaireNaoriva Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
I meant to imply that you either have a sixth sense or put cameras in my bedroom, but kneeling and begging for mercy is good too.

In a half-unrelated note, would Iron be taller than Mecha?
I think he would be, but I'm not sure.
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